Winter Warrior 18'x33' Oval Above Ground Pool Cover

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Winter Warrior above ground pool covers from LinerWorld are incredibly durable and protect your swimming pool.  Choose from 4 colors - orange, purple, pink or blue.

  • Keeps unwanted debris, sunlight, and contamination out of the pool
  • Comes with a coated cable and winch
  • 4ft overlap for a better fit
  • Can withstand high winds and weather conditions
  • Heavy-duty coated woven material

If you have questions about LinerWorld, our pool liners, or our other pool maintenance products and accessories, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve put together some of the top questions we get from customers just like you. Not seeing what you need? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pool Liners

What are your pool liners made out of?

All of our above ground pool liners are made of high-quality vinyl. Vinyl is durable, flexible, and resistant to UV rays, making it a great option for your above ground pool. 

What is the difference between an overlap pool liner and a beaded pool liner?

Great question! Here’s a quick overview:

Check out our handy guide to learn more about overlap and beaded pool liners.

What size pool liners do you offer?

We have a variety of different sizes to meet your needs. 

For round pools, we offer pool liners ranging from 12’ to 32’. 

For oval pools, we offer pool liner sizes between 12'x18' and 21'x41'

For rectangular pools, we stock pool liner sizes between 12'x20' and 16'x32'

If I don’t see my pool size as an option for a liner, can I buy the next size up and use that? Will it fit properly?

No. Our pool liners are made to fit the exact measurement of your swimming pool. If you don’t see your size available, your best bet is to contact us and get on our list for a custom-sized liner.

What is the thickness of your round pool liners?

All our above ground pool liners are 25 gauge. 

Do you have above ground pool liners for deep ends?

Our expandable pool liners are designed to expand easily into deep-end swimming pools. You can also use them in flat-bottomed round pools. 

Do you sell J-Hook, U-Bead, or Unibead liners?

While we do not sell these specific liner types, we recommend purchasing a bead receiver along with one of our standard beaded pool liners as a superior alternative to J-Hook, U-Bead, or Unibead liners.

Do you sell Intex liners? What liner will work for my Intex-style pool? 

We offer relining kits for Intex poolsThese kits are designed for pop-up style pools (also known as tube frame pools) with frames made of metal or PVC tubes and a liner with pockets for the tubes to slide through. 

Our relining kits work with frames with round tubes along the top ledge of the frame. such as Intex, Summer Waves (excluding Summer Waves Elite versions), Coleman, and other standard tube frame pools. 

Our kits DO NOT work with tube frame pools that have oval or flat-topped poles along the top ledge of the pool frame, such as the Summer Waves Elite versions.

Do you sell in-ground pool liners?

No, we focus on above ground pool liners. However, we do sell in-ground pool covers

Can you make custom pool liners?

We are not offering custom or special order above ground pool liners at this time. Check out our custom liner page to learn more and get on our list for future orders. 

How long do your above ground pool liners last?

A well-maintained vinyl pool liner can last 10-15 years or more. However, factors such as proper maintenance, installation, and frequency of use can all impact the lifespan of your liner. 

Are dark or light pool liners better?

It depends! We have a variety of light and dark-colored pool liners with unique patterns and designs. Check out our blog for more resources about dark vs. light pool liners and picking the right pool liner for your backyard. 

Seasonal Pool Care & Maintenance

How do I properly measure my swimming pool?

To get the right measurements for your pool size, measure from inside wall to inside wall. To measure your pool’s depth, measure from the deepest point of the pool on the floor to the top of the inside of the pool wall. 

The process is a lot easier if you have a friend or family member who can help you out. Be sure to check out our full pool measuring guide.

How do I install my new swimming pool liner?

We’re glad you asked! The installation process is important. There are different ways you can install a swimming pool liner, but our liners are designed to be installed one specific way. 

Read our full installation guide and contact our team if you need assistance.

How do I open my above ground pool?

There’s no better time of year than when the weather warms up, and it’s finally time to open your pool for the outdoor swimming season! 

We’ve put together a handy pool opening guide with easy-to-follow instructions to help you get your pool up and running quickly and efficiently.

How do I close my above ground pool?

While it’s always a bummer to say goodbye to the warm weather, closing your pool for the winter doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out our pool closing guide for a step-by-step process for winterizing your pool and some handy tips and tricks.

How can I prevent fading on my liner?

It’s no surprise that chemicals and the sun are the main causes of fading pool liners. You can prevent fading with proper care and maintenance. Check out our handy guide to help prevent fading and discoloration on your pool liner for as long as possible. 

Pool Parts & Accessories

What pool accessories does Linerworld offer?

In addition to our bold pool liners, we have a variety of accessories to keep your pool running smoothly and efficiently. We have installation necessities like coping, bead receivers, liner pads, skimmers, and gaskets. We also offer winter pool covers, pool filter systems, water toys, floats, and so much more. 

What size pool cover do I need?

Choose a winter pool cover size that matches your swimming pool size. If you need help measuring the length, width, and depth of your pool, check out our handy swimming pool measurement guide

What size sand filter tank do I need?

At Linerworld, we have two tank sizes available for our Mighty Mammoth sand filter systems:

  • The 19-inch tank is recommended for pools up to 21,000 gallons or less
  • The 22-inch tank is recommended for pools up to 26,000 gallons

To figure out which size you need, calculate your pool's volume by measuring the length, width, and depth of your pool. Multiply these together to find the volume in gallons. 

If you have questions or you’re not sure what size filter tank is best for your pool, contact us

How much sand do I need for my sand filter system?

The amount of sand you need depends on which size tank you opt for. 

  • For the 19-inch tank, you’ll need about 150 pounds of filter sand. 
  • For the 22-inch tank, you’ll need about 200 pounds of filter sand. 

High-quality filter sand is usually sold in 50-pound bags. We don’t sell the sand here at LinerWorld. 

What size/horsepower pool pump do I need? 

In general, a 1.5hp pump should be sufficient for most residential swimming pools, However, consider the size of your pool, turnover rate, the amount of resistance in your plumbing system, and the types of pool features you have. 

Check out our pool pump guide for more help choosing the right pump for your pool. 

Purchasing & Returns 

What forms of payment do you accept?

LinerWorld proudly accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Do you have any special promotions or discounts going on? 

Linerworld offers limited-time promos and discounts throughout the year. To stay in the loop about current deals and promos, keep an eye on our homepage, Facebook, and Instagram

You can also scroll to the bottom of our homepage to join our newsletter and get all the latest promos and updates in your inbox! 

Do you have a warranty for your pool liners and accessories?

Yes. Our above ground pool liners come with a 25-year, prorated manufacturer’s warranty that covers manufacturer defects. Please read through our full warranty carefully before purchasing.

What is the shipping process?

We pride ourselves on our fast and free shipping. We offer free shipping on all of our swimming pool liners, products, and accessories. 

Orders placed by 2 PM (CST) typically ship the same day, and most customers receive their orders within 1-3 business days. Less waiting and more time enjoying your pool!

Do you ship outside the United States?

No, we currently only ship in the United States. 

Has my order been processed or shipped?

Orders are generally processed the same day we receive them. If you received an Order Confirmation from us, then your order has been processed. If you have any questions or need to make a change to your order, contact us ASAP, and we’ll see what we can do.  

Do you have a return policy for your liners and pool accessories?

Yes. We accept returns within 30 days of receiving your items. Some fees and restrictions may apply. 

Please note that custom orders and pool liners that have been opened and unrolled are not returnable. Read our full return policy for more details.

Company FAQs

How can I contact LinerWorld?

Contact us via our online form or live chat. You can also reach us by emailing or calling customer service at (708) 489-9932 during our business hours.

Do you have a physical store location?

No. LinerWorld is a family-owned business based in Kankakee, Illinois, but our store is online only. 

How long has LinerWorld been in business? 

We’ve been helping homeowners create their backyard paradise since 1999!  

Where can I find reviews about LinerWorld products?

Be sure to check out reviews and customer testimonials on Google.  

Where can I find even more information?

Looking for more? We’ve got you! Be sure to check out our blog and resources page for tons of information about pool liners, maintenance, safety, and activities. We also share handy tips, updates, and special promotions on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to connect with us there!

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