What's your pool size?

12' 15' 16' 18' 21' 22' 24' 27' 28' 30' 33' 12'x18' 12'x24' 15'x24' 15'x25' 15'x30' 16'x24' 16'x32' 18'x33' 21'x41' 12'x20' 12'x24' 16'x24' 16'x32'

What's your install type?

overlap Overlap beaded Beaded Expandable Rectangle Beaded Relining Kit For Intex

What design do you like?

12 Ft Round Pool Liner From LinerWorld 

Discover the fade-resistance and durability of LinerWorld's 12-foot round pool liners, designed to perfectly fit and enhance your pool with vibrant colors and patterns, providing a long-lasting, stylish, and easy-to-install liner for your above ground pool. 

Liner Details
  • Heavy-duty, 100% virgin vinyl liner
  • Chemically treated to resist harmful UV rays
  • Fade-resistant pool liner
  • Unique patterns not found anywhere else

Liner Specifications

Product: Above Ground Pool Liner

Pool Liner Style: Overlap, Expandable, or Relining Kit for Intex

Shape: Round

Size: 12 Feet

Thickness: 25 gauge

Warranty: 25-year - Read more about our pool liner warranty information.