Pool Liner Warranty Information

LinerWorld’s Lifetime - 25 Year Limited Pool Liner Warranty

Diggers Pool Services, Inc. warrants this above ground pool liner at the time of purchase, for 25 years, or the lifetime of the swimming pool (whichever comes first), to be free from defects in workmanship. Diggers Pool Services, Inc. reserves the sole right to decide if a liner is covered under warranty with respect to the below terms, conditions, and replacement costs.

  • The liner should be carefully inspected prior to installation. Diggers Pool Services, Inc. is not responsible for rips or punctures or seam tears due to mishandling or improper installation. Diggers Pool Services, Inc. is not responsible for (and this warranty does not cover) seam issues that were not detected before water was added to the pool liner. It is the buyer's responsibility to complete a thorough inspection before adding water to the pool liner. If a seam issue occurs after water has been added, it is deemed a faulty installation and, therefore, not covered under warranty.
  • Seam tears, rips, punctures, abuse, and seasonal damage are not covered under this warranty. The following prorated replacement schedule constitutes a charge correlating to the current suggested manufacturer's retail price. Successful warranty claims may result in replacement cost that can be higher than the original cost.
  • Successful claims are executed by the replacement of pool liner only. Refunds will not be given for warranty claims. If the same product is not available when processing a claim, a comparable product will be substituted.
  • All warranties must be approved by our warranty department. First step: contact our warranty department and send a picture of the problem for pre-approval. We have the right to ask for the return of a product, shipping prepaid by the buyer, before a successful claim can be processed. Any return must be authorized in advance and have an RGA number on the box, and returned — freight prepaid. A season ends on December 31st of each calendar year.
  • Purchaser shall pay all freight charges to and from the factory for all repairs or replacements in addition to the following charges:
    • 1 - 90 Days From Purchase Date: No charge
    • First Season, after 90 Days: $100
    • 2nd - 5th Season: MSRP less $50
    • 6th - 25th Season: MSRP less $20

To process a warranty claim:

Contact LinerWord directly at support@linerworld.com.

You will have to provide the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Order number
  • Copy of invoice
  • Reason for the claim
  • Picture documentation

It is expressly agreed that there are no warranties expressed or implied made by the dealer and/or Diggers Pool Services, Inc. except as stated in this document. A sales slip confirming date of purchase must accompany the return.

  • Liner must be dry, clean and repacked for shipment.
  • The purchaser is responsible for all installation or reinstallation costs for any liner repaired or replaced.
  • The liner must be installed correctly according to instructions. Diggers Pool Services, Inc. (or dealer) is not responsible for any damage caused by faulty installation or inspection.
  • This warranty is void if the pool water is emptied for any reason. The pool can be cleaned, no matter how dirty, with the proper filtration and water chemistry. Diggers Pool Services, Inc. and LinerWorld.com or any dealer is not responsible for chemicals, water loss, reinstallation and/or labor costs, and/or any inconvenience cost.
  • Any return must be authorized in advance and have an RGA number on the box, and returned freight prepaid.



If you have additional questions, our customer service representatives are happy to help!