How Should A Pool Liner Fit?

How Should A Pool Liner Fit?

We get it. Pool liners can be tricky. If the liner measures within 2-3 feet of the size ordered, you have the correct one.

Swimming pool liners are all made short of a pool’s specific dimensions on purpose and are intended to stretch into place. If you hold a pool liner out like a plastic bag and fill it with water, it has the resiliency to triple in size. Hopefully, this gives you more confidence that you won’t overstretch the liner.

If the pool liner doesn’t look the way you want it to:

The second that you do not like what your pool liner looks like or are questioning if the liner will fit, you should turn the water off and adjust the pool liner until you are satisfied. Remember that once the water level rises above the point with wrinkles or needs adjusting, you’re stuck with those imperfections in the swimming pool liner. There is no fix.

With that in mind, be sure you check the pool very frequently as it fills. You will have to spend a lot of time watching your pool fill, but the quality of the job, including whether or not the pool liner holds water, depends on it.

If you are having problems after trying to install a liner:

99 times out of 100, the swimming pool liner needs to be readjusted or reinstalled. It almost always points to imperfection on the installer’s end. No big deal, but your job is not complete. It is usually much easier and faster to pump the pool out again and readjust by re-stretching than it is to warranty a pool liner, pay for the shipping expense, and wait for it to come.

Re-stretching your liner:

If you find yourself in this predicament, here is the process for stretching and adjusting your liner:

  1. Pump the water out.
  2. Place the hose of your shop vac in the skimmer box hole.
  3. Duct tape the openings of the square as well as the return hole
  4. Turn the vac on, and watch the liner stretch like magic.

NOTE: Only do this, as well as any water filling, in 80+ degree weather.

Keep in mind…

As a professional, it took me dozens of liner replacements until I had the confidence to stretch a liner without anxiety. You’re not alone. Follow our installation instructions to avoid damaging the liner. You can do it! Good luck!

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