Tube Frame Pool Relining Kit Installation

Tube Frame Pool Relining Kit Installation

WARNING: DO NOT install before reading! Your pool must meet all of these qualifications or this kit will not work for you.

Read the following information and instructions before attempting installation.

This re-lining kit will only work on your tube frame pool if:

  1. Your original liner must remain in place to act as your pool walls.
  2. The hole in your original liner cannot be larger than a golf ball. If your original liner has major damage or large holes, the water pressure will cause your new liner to ‘bulge’ through your old liner and will eventually burst.
  3. The tubes along the top edge of your frame must be completely round (not oval, oblong, or flat-topped) and must be 1-1/2” – 1-1/4” in size.

    *If your tube frame pool does not meet all above qualifications, this kit will not work for you.*

    Please follow all enclosed instructions during installation – installing this liner other than instructed will result in a void of warranty

Choose a warm day with no rain or clouds. This is very important. When it is warm and sunny, the liner fits into place with ease.

Completely drain your pool and uninstall skimmer box and pump connections, leaving only the liner and your frame. Remove any dirt or debris that may be left after draining.

Unfold the liner and center in the middle of the pool. Evenly spread out, keeping the liner centered.

Using the tube clips provided in your kit, attach 4 points of the liner to your tube frame using one clip on each direction point (North, South, East, West). This will ensure your liner is perfectly even all the way around. If you start with one point and start attaching the liner by working your way around the pool, your liner will not be straight and may seem short or too small for the pool.

Once your liner has 4 direction points attached to your frame, add 4 more in between those points and attach using one clip per point (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast). You may now attach the remaining liner to your frame using the rest of the clips, all the way around the pool.

(Optional for best results) Once your liner is completely attached to your frame over your existing liner, add your shop vac hose to the open skimmer hole and push down near the base of your pool. Then duct tape the open space at the skimmer and pump/return jet holes for an air-tight seal. Plug the vac into a safe (GFCI) outlet. When you turn the vac on, if there are any wrinkles or desired adjustments with the liner, manipulate them by hand before filling.

As the vac runs and the liner is adjusted to your likeness, you can start filling the pool with water. As it fills, pull the vac hose up a little bit at a time so the hose stays above water level in the pool. When the water reaches the half-way point, eliminate the vac by pulling the hose out of the pool wall.

If you’re not using a shop vac, once the liner is adjusted to your likeness, fill pool to half-way

Important: Check filling process every 20 minutes until the pool is half way full.

Cut a small hole or X to mark where your pump hose, return jet, and skimmer go on the new liner and carefully install your equipment through your old and new liner.

Once your equipment is re-installed through both liners, you may continue filling the pool until full.