Installation Instructions – Above Ground Pool Liners

Installation Instructions – Above Ground Pool Liners

Welcome to the ultimate pool liner manual for installing an above ground pool liner.

Note to professionals: this liner can only be installed one way. All other techniques will not work.

How to Install an Above Ground Pool Liner the simple way.

The liner that you purchased has been designed to be installed only one way. If you use any other technique except the one described below… you assume the risk of liner failure & all warranties will be considered void. Be sure to watch the accompanying video(s) for a more detailed explanation.

Warning: The pool liner that you purchased is made to be installed and filled in 80 degree plus weather. If it is not 80 degrees and sunny then you must wait for a hotter day. Do not install unless it is 80 degrees or more and sunny. Do not fill the pool with water unless it is 80 degrees or hotter and sunny.  All warranties are considered void if installed otherwise.

Disclaimer: These instructions are guidelines and are meant to aid in the installation of your swimming pool liner. We highly recommend hiring a true professional… someone who has installed at least 200 above ground pool liners.

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