Overlap or Beaded Pool Liner - Which One Do I Need?

Overlap or Beaded Pool Liner - Which One Do I Need?

Choosing an above ground pool liner replacement is one of the fun parts of being a pool owner. There are a variety of pool liner designs that can enhance the look of your above ground pool. However, there is one item that can be a bit confusing. What type of pool liner should you get for your above ground swimming pool — beaded or overlap? There are a few crucial differences between these two types of liners, but primarily it’s all about the installation process. Let’s take a look!

Above Ground Pool Liner Types: Beaded Pool Liners

Beaded Pool Liner Installation Diagram

Beaded liners have a groove called the bead receiver that goes around the liner’s top edge. The bead receiver is snapped into a track at the top of the pool wall and runs entirely around the inside. Beaded pool liners are easy to install because they snap into the bead receiver, creating an even and uniform look. One significant benefit of beaded pool liners is that future liner installations will be much easier. With a bead receiver, pool liners can be removed and reinstalled without having to remove the top ledges.

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Above Ground Pool Liner Types: Overlap Pool Liners

Overlap Pool Liner Installation Diagram

Overlap pool liners are easy to install and are the most common and budget-friendly of the two options. After removing the top rail of your swimming pool, overlap liners are wrapped over the top of your swimming pool’s walls, as the name implies. Overlap liners are held in place by plastic strips, called coping, that rest on top of the liner. The top rails are then put back on your pool, and, finally, you trim off the excess liner. Sometimes this type of liner can be tricky to install because overlapping can create unevenness in your liner during installation. It’s also essential that overlap liners match the exact length and width of your above ground pool to have the best fit.

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What Pool Liner Type Is The Right Fit For You? 

If you’re ready to find a new liner for your above ground pool, working with us to get the right one is quick and easy!  Choose the design you want, select your pool size, and browse dozens of different vinyl liner patterns. It’s that simple!