How to Measure an Above Ground Pool for a Liner

How to Measure an Above Ground Pool for a Liner

How to measure your above ground pool is something we get asked about a lot here at LinerWorld. Accurately measuring your pool is crucial for picking a liner that fits properly and works in your pool, so it's an important first step. We'll walk through the process step-by-step. 

What you need:

  • A flexible tape measure  
  • A friend or family member — an extra set of hands always makes it easier!

Step 1 — Measure your pool size

Use the tape measure to measure from inside wall to inside wall as pictured in the diagram below. We recommend doing this twice — once at the top of the wall and once at the bottom — to make sure it's accurate. 
Pool liner measurment guide

      Step 2 — Measure your pool depth

      • Find the deepest point of your pool floor.
      • Use your tape measure to measure the length from the deepest point of your pool floor, to the top inside edge of your pool wall where your liner will attach. This is your pool depth.
      Most standard-depth above ground pools will measure either 48”, 52”, or 54” deep. If your pool is deeper than 54” and up to 72” deep, you will need an expandable liner

      Multiple factors, such as bowed walls and other irregularities, can impact your pool dimensions. Always re-measure rather than relying on previous notes or old liner sizes. 

      You now have your pool size and your depth measurements, and are ready to shop for your new pool liner.

      If you have a differently shaped pool or more complex measurements, please feel free to contact the pool experts at Linerworld. We're always ready to help.