How Do I Measure My Above Ground Pool for a Liner

How Do I Measure My Above Ground Pool for a Liner

How to measure your above ground pool is something we get asked about a lot here at LinerWorld. Accurately measuring your pool is crucial for picking a liner that fits properly and works in your pool, so it's an important first step. We'll walk through the process step-by-step. 

What you need:

  • A flexible tape measure to measure the pool. 
  • A friend or family member — an extra set of hands always makes it easier!
  • Paper and a writing utensil to record your pool dimensions

How to measure your pool

  • Draw a diagram of your above ground swimming pool similar to the ones below. This will aid in recording the dimensions.
  • Next, use the tape measure to measure from inside wall to inside wall as pictured in the diagram below. We recommend doing this twice — once at the top of the wall and once at the bottom — to make sure it's accurate. Pool liner measurment guide
  • Record the dimensions on your diagram and use them to find the right size liner.
  • If you have a differently shaped pool or more complex measurements, please feel free to contact the pool experts at LinerWorld. We’re always ready to help.
Note: Multiple factors, such as bowed walls and other irregularities, can impact your pool dimensions. Always re-measure rather than relying on previous notes or old liner sizes. 

    Once you've measured your pool, you're ready to shop for a new pool liner.